Over The Edge | A leap of faith, with lasting impact.

As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." For 114 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America have been bringing this proverb to fruition through adult mentoring/guidance. "Big's" as they have been coined, have changed the lives of thousands of youngsters.

Over The Edge is a golden opportunity to raise money in a unique way. The reward for participants who raise $1000 or more - repelling off of Davenport, Iowa's historic Black Hawk Hotel. Money raised through "edgers" fundraising helps fund one-on-one mentoring programs, and activities for the "littles".

Over The Edge Info:


Davenport, IA - Hotel Black Hawk


V.I.P. Day will take place Friday, August 24th

Rappelling will take place on Saturday, August 25th.

“I’ve learned that these things—my family, my passion for climbing and for being a force for good in the local community and in the larger community—are the source of happiness for me,” he says. “I know that life will keep changing and keep throwing new challenges my way, but my intent is always to embrace them and explore them and find a way to turn them into an experience that’s rewarding. Even when we’re suffering, whether it’s in the mountains or because of something going on at home, trying situations are a way to understand our human condition. You have to try to rise above the adversity. I like doing that.”

The North Face climbing team leader, co-founder of KUHL, and board member of Montana State University Leadership Institute

- Conrad Anker