Purchase a $100 Gift Bond For $75

 Hello Active Endeavors and family, We are so anxious to get our store opened and see all of your faces again. To prepare for that moment, we are excited to offer Active Endeavors Gift Bonds. From today through May 15, 2020, for $75 you can purchase a bond that matures on September 1st, 2020 for $100! How to purchase a gift bond:

1) Order online here

2) Purchase over the phone at 563-441-9488

3) Email us at customerservice@activeendeavors.com

If you would like to purchase over the phone, please call us at 563-441-9488. If we do not answer (limited staff due to COVID-19), feel free to leave a message or email us at customerservice@activeendeavors.com and we will respond within 1-2 business days.
ONLINE ORDERS: If you would like to use the gift bond for online orders, please email us at customerservice@activeendeavors.com and we will further assist you with your online purchase after September 1, 2020.
You may purchase an unlimited amount, and are free to use them anytime from September 1st and beyond, valid only at our Davenport, Iowa location. Once purchased, you will receive a paper copy of your bond in the mail.

*Fine print: At Active Endeavors, we sell the best outdoor gear around. We don’t sell securities. As such this shouldn’t be considered an offer to buy securities because we don’t sell actual bonds – and honestly, we don’t really even know what they are. Active Endeavors “bonds” are simply gift certificates that can be exchanged for cool gear at the AE West Des Moines location. They are bound by the rules and guidelines that govern them. If you need further explanation, shoot us an email!